Budha Subba Digital Pvt. Ltd is a private limited company offering clients and business partners mobile solutions for corporate use and commercial solutions to attract mobile consumers of Nepal. It was formerly known as Digitainment Pvt. Ltd.

Our services include consulting, content solutions and technology for the SMS, Mobile Entertainment and Marketing service segments.

We are continually adding to our knowledge of emerging technologies and are ideally placed to offer new Mobile Data Services as they mature.


We have associated with all the major mobile operators of Nepal

Nepal Telecom
Smart Telecom

We have developed SMS platform as per the requirement.

Today we have covered all major media and corporate section and recently had an agreement with major Indian VAS companies like Netcore, Telecom 9, nStar Resources which has the presence in more than 45 countries worldwide. We are working on to open up more avenues in mobile VAS such as voice activated short codes and subscription based services.


We provide various solutions depending upon the client requirement. The solution we provide automates the retrieval of the information or triggering of an event via SMS (Short Message Service). Our system being build and developed in robust system can be integrated through company API, with proper channel and gateway.

Blackmyna can provide tailor made SMS solution with customized menu based Mobile Application (java enabled) for users to communicate with the system along with plain text SMS.

Balckmyna SMS system is based in web access for convenient and effortless operation. This system does not occupy any resource making it totally non expensive system and can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world.

Manage your business through this simplified SMS solution. Track SMS hits, check the reports see the response all online.